Secure energy buyers faster and cheaper

With WePower, renewable energy developers secure PPA contracting faster and cheaper than ever before. Our bankable standardised PPAs and proprietary energy tokenisation technology enable more companies to access direct green energy procurement. We unlock previously inaccessible capital for your renewable energy projects.

WePower streamlines the PPA contracting process. Leveraging legal and technology innovations. Enabling renewable projects to secure new segments of energy buyers faster and at lower cost.

PPA contracting process

WePower platform provides a streamlined and flexible renewable energy offtaker contracting solution, which saves time, effort and delivers higher returns to the renewable energy generation facility developers.

WePower creates immediate value for the Project Owner

  • Fast go-to-client strategy

  • Rapid transaction and lower counterparty risk

  • Significant reduction in contracting costs

Radically simplified renewable energy procurement process


    Don’t be dependant on a single offtaker. WePower allows more companies to participate in direct green energy procurement. WePower marketplace aggregates multiple buyers with the production capacity limits set by you.


    No more complicated, years-long negotiations. With our standardised fully bankable PPAs and streamlined online process, corporate procurement happens in days, not years.


    WePower stanardised PPAs secure same rules for all. Therefore, your offtakers have previously non-existent liquidity to trade directly procured corporate energy.

  • Significant reduction in contracting costs

    By contracting energy through WePower, developers can save significant share of the standard project contracting costs.


    Let each offtaker say how much your energy is worth to them. All you have to do is set the minimum price and let the market take care of the rest.

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